Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God Showed Up

As we sat down to debrief our time in Cambridge, we made a list of the ways we saw God's glory revealed. We thought we'd share it with you so you can praise God with us!

Sharing the Gospel

We were stretched beyond our comfort zone in sharing with strangers.
Sharing the gospel with Louis: it was just the right timing (He even asked, “Who sent you?”).
Conversation with Halili about the gospel: “this is like magic.”
Pearl and Rebecca introduced to high school girls for the first time the idea of a personal relationship with God
We are convicted to remember that having a relationship with God is a huge thing!
Variety of conversations that are all good gospel conversations: a universal message.
God’s drawing even the British people to Himself: used cave analogy with girls in the park.
God helped us believe more and more when we shared the Gospel.
God is bringing people to Cambridge to learn English so we can communicate with them.
Getting to start the relationship with Two and Livingston and seeing their desire to learn about Jesus. 

God handpicked 24 different people to come to the Jesus film: all stayed for discussion, all different and so many more than we expected.
We’re thankful for the visual representation of the gospel in the Jesus Film.
We are thankful for the materials in other languages at Henry Martin Hall.
God brought more and more people to play games with us in the park.
He opened up a few of the local footballers a bit more towards Christianity.
God opened our eyes to the city during the prayer walk.
Thankful that Pearl and Cree got to talk to Steve during the walk, learning how to pray for people here in Cambridge.
God blessed us beyond our ability and level of preparation in the drama performing.
The drama performance at the park to great conversations in the park and made people think.
The skit taught us a lot about our relationship with God.
Praise God that we learned it so quickly and for Sean’s direction.

Sunday night biblestudy singing "In Christ Alone" with people from many countries.
Community of Christians working together: ministry is very alive in Cambridge!
Team devotions, learning together, praying together.
Grateful to pray with friends international team.
Unity among our team, no major conflicts, we enjoyed being together.

Physical Blessings
God used Pearl's illness by leading her and Rebecca to run into friends from Austria on their way to get medicine.
Great weather! Never had to pack up and move; God denied the weather forecast.
No serious bike injuries.
Cree got to feed a homeless guy.
God provided money abundantly for meals; we never had to worry and were able to take people to dinner.

And lastly, but not leastly, we are thankful for your support! We know the power of prayer and are so grateful to know that we weren't here on our own, but had you striving with us for the truth of the Gospel.

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  1. Hey Team. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your updates and praying along the way. It's great to hear how you were able to reach international students.