Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet Ann

It's been a couple weeks since the Cambridge mission trip, but there are still a few things to update you on and ask for prayer for.

Specifically, I want to introduce you to Ann.
Originally from Taiwan, Ann recently graduated from Nottingham University in Nottingham, England and found herself in Cambridge during the first week of Team Cambridge's mission trip. Although she became a Christian 5 years ago, Ann had very little experience sharing her faith and she was eager to join us as we witnessed in Cambridge. We were impressed by how Ann jumped into explaining the Gospel to people who came from all different religious backgrounds.

After sharing the Gospel for the first time, Ann reflected, "It's very important to share your faith. In the past, I was only comfortable sharing with friends, but as Christians, we have not only the obligation but we want to share because it is our calling. It's important to be brave and go beyond your comfort zone. This trip has showed me that in some ways I lived in a Christian bubble and I didn't realize how much the world lacks knowledge of God. I feel sadness because of that but also a willingness to persevere."

After 4 years studying in the UK, Ann is now headed back to Taiwan to work for an accounting firm. Please keep her in your prayers as she makes the transition.

Here's what Ann prays for: "Taiwan is primarily Buddhist with lots of different rituals. Pray that I can overcome cultural barriers. I'm afraid of offending people, so pray that I can overcome my fear and be bold. Pray that I can stay close to God and that He will give me the ability to continue His work in Taiwan. Pray that I can get plugged into a good Christian community. I've been in Western culture for so long, so pray that I can adapt and connect with people in a Eastern culture."

We were blessed to have Ann join us for half of our trip and pray she will continue to shine God's truth wherever she goes!

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  1. I am so proud of my former student Ms. Ann Chen that words are not adequate to describe. You Go Beyond That Comfort Zone Ann!