Monday, June 25, 2012

A New Week

Last week left us tired.

Friday afternoon, we attended another international cafe. This time we had the opportunity to share the drama we had been practicing all week. The drama was an enactment of the gospel and opened up the door for good follow up questions as we discussed in groups. Some of the students from Japan and Korea had really insightful questions about God and we were happy to answer!
A scene from The Everything Skit we performed
On Saturday we had planned to perform the skit again outdoors in addition to playing music, but Pearl, one of our team members, came down with an ear infection. Instead, we had some much needed down time concluding with a biblestudy with international students on Sunday night.

Now that we've arrived at our second week, we could use lots of prayer for energy and stamina. Please pray:

  • for health and energy for Pearl and the rest of our team.
  • for iCafe, another international cafe we will attend tonight. Pray for many students to attend and that we can share the Good News effectively.
  • for the football game we have scheduled with the guys we played earlier on the trip. Pray for opportunities to share God's truth.
  • for good weather for the game.
Thank you for being on our team!

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