Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Volleyball and Biblestudy

We have been blessed by the last couple days.

On Monday, we tested out volleyball as a way to talk to people and ended up with a court of people from 4 different countries! In the evening, we attended another international cafe where we played Uno, chatted and joined a discussion on the Gospel of Mark.
Today (Tuesday) was filled with conversations. We decided to dedicate today to inviting students to events and sharing the gospel as we had opportunities. Man did God give us opportunities! Here are some highlights:

  • Sean got to have a long conversation about religion with one of the guys we've played football with the last few days. Answer to prayer!
  • Ben and Laura shared the gospel with Louis who responded by saying, "Who sent you? I was having a rough time and then you showed up!"
  • Pearl and Rebecca ran into some Austrian girls we played frisbee with two days ago. They had diner together and shared about having a personal relationship with God.
There are many more stories, but those will have to do for now. We do want to ask for prayer for tomorrow. We are hosting a screening of the Jesus Film and though we have been inviting people, we have no idea how many will come. Please pray that God will pack out the "theatre" with people who need to meet Jesus.

We know that we can do nothing on our own and so we love having you join with us in prayer to the One who can do all!


  1. Hey, just curious, how did you all come across a discussion of Mark? Did you start it or just stumble across it randomly? I'd like to hear more about that!

    1. Jack, it was part of an international students' cafe put on by local Christian University students.