Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We're Here!

After many combined hours of transportation, Team Cambridge has arrived in the same place for the first time ever: in Cambridge, UK.
Our first day consisted of brainstorming and delegating ministry plans, orienting ourselves to the stunning city of Cambridge, and rehearsing the drama we'll be performing.
The ministry ahead of us still feels like a daunting task and we could use all the prayers we can get! For tomorrow (Wednesday), pray specifically for the following requests:
  • We are trying out for the first time our "sports ministry." Pray that God will open doors for good conversations with people we play with.
  • It is the first time witnessing for some of us. Pray for boldness is proclaiming the gospel while at the same time cultural discernment so that we may know what to say when.
  • We are still finalizing our schedule. Pray for wisdom as we plan out the next week and a half.
We are grateful for your partnership with us and will keep you posted!
Team Cambridge, signing off...


  1. Cheryl and I (Andrew's parents) love getting these updates. Thanks for posting them. I am praying right now and will pray every morning when I get up. God Bless your day and those people that you come into contact with today!

  2. Where are you, in the photo where you're all sitting on couches? Love the bicycle photo! Praying for you all, as requested, and loving this blog.